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Lifetime will face Meghan Markle and Prince Harry & # 39; s Romance at New Film

by Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images.

Is a marriage between a prince and a commoner legitimate if there is no Lifetime film describing the events that led to it? Probably not! Do not fear The cable network is working on Harry & Meghan: The Royal Love Story at this time.

By Deadline, head of programming life Liz Gateley mentioned the project in the Television Association of Critics. A director will share with E! & # 39; S The Royals Menhaj Huda . There is no news of the release date, although it is now being broadcast on the network. Remember, if you can go so far, that Lifetime William & Kate: The Movie which covered Prince William and Kate Middleton romance, premiered almost a fortnight before their wedding in 2011. As a side note, Harry and Markle plan to get married on May 19.

Harry & Meghan will cover their year and a half of pre-wedding dates, including, presumably, their presentation, as well as the time word of their relationship leaked and Prince Harry issued a letter of reprimand. Deadline adds that she will also address, "Meghan's life as a divorced American actress."

It will be especially interesting to see who the cast is as a female lead, since Markle's past life as an actress saw her starring in a handful of Hallmark movies, a cousin of Lifetime's offerings in her sentimental rate (albeit with far fewer narratives than murders).

Now that's a real welcome: the organizers turned Pennsylvania Avenue from Washington, DC, into a welcome street parade route Queen Elizabeth II to the States United in October 1957. The motorcade makes the opening festivities seem almost modest. From Popperfoto / Getty Images.

As a young queen, Elizabeth seems pleased to meet some robust and corn-fed American football players while attending a game at the University of Maryland in October 1957. We heard that she did several keg se found in the tailgate prior to the game. From Popperfoto / Getty Images.

British and balcony photographs: always the happy couple. Foppish, the weak-haired Prince Charles, 22 years old at the time, inspects the kingdom that could have been his, if the tea colonists had been crushed. To his left: President Nixon, gesturing toward the White House grounds from his South Portico balcony; Princess Anne, in a sunny dress; and Mrs. Nixon, in blue. © Bettmann / Corbis.

Tricia Nixon, daughter of President Nixon, makes an observation to Prince Charles, wearing a side part vigorously combed. For his part, Charles seems quite immobile. © JP Laffont / Sygma / Corbis.

If it is not the most famous image of royalty in the United States, it is the fifth: Princess Diana receives a turn from the fevered dancer John Travolta, dancing on the marble floors of the White House at a state dinner Nancy Reagan , in a thin white column, approve! © Pool Photograph / Corbis.

Doing what plebeians do: Princess Di seems a bit fatigued by the ordeal of going through a suburban J. Penney, her purpose of seeing an exhibition of British fashions for sale. Meanwhile, Charles seems to have found an interesting haberdashery. There is no explanation for taste. © Bettmann / Corbis.

Good game, good game, good game: Queen Elizabeth and then President George Bush form a reception line to greet the Baltimore Orioles after a game in May 1991. It is not known if their choice of clothing , possibly controversial, red of the Red Sox? It was intentional. By Tim Graham / Getty Images.

As heat seeking missiles, all good Britons can and will find the less practical feather hat: Prince Charles (pointing) and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, pose in November 2005 with a Beach interpreter Blanket Babylon (center) in San Francisco, former Secretary of State George Schultz (right) and his wife (left) in San Francisco. © Chris Stewart / Pool / San Francisco Chronicle / Corbis.

And now is the time for a much needed drink: the Prince and his wife go crazy-as wild as they get, anyway-in this True Grit -sca photo-op outside of a California border lounge. We hope you have one of those sepia-colored photo booths with cowboy and lady disguise disguises. By Chris Jackson / Getty Images.

In Washington, DC, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall see the "Wall of the Stars," the memorial to World War II, with the Lincoln Memorial in the background. By Chris Jackson / Getty Images.

Hoop, there it is: Charles got a game in this January 2007 photo, in which the real salt and pepper tries a one-handed shot on a Harlem track. Did anyone ever play the hoops while wearing a gold little finger ring, on the other hand? By Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images.

Oh, hello! Prince Charles peeks out from behind the Liberty Bell on a visit to Philadelphia in January 2007. By Akira Suwa-Pool / Getty Images.

With bonny blue and a brooch, the queen goes through the docks of Jamestown, where English settlers landed for the first time in 1607. Her 2007 visit to the Virginia monument was to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the crossing of the Company of the East Indies and the historic English settlement in the New World. By Chris Jackson / Getty Images.

A means of transportation to which she is quite accustomed: the Queen surrounds colonial Williamsburg in a fringed carriage of saffron, replete with lackeys with a three-cornered hat. Not very different from their walk after the royal wedding, except in the United States, those guys are actors. By Heather S. Hughes / Newport News Daily Press / MCT through Getty Images.

A prince in Queens: Harry cocks the real cannon to show his arm on the pitcher's mound, throwing the ball in a 2010 Mets-Minnesota Twins game at Citi Field. By George Napolitano / Getty Images.

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