Liberia declares rape a national emergency after a spike in cases. Liberia News

Liberian President George Wai has declared rape a national emergency and ordered new measures to deal with the problem following recent cases in the West African state.

The move comes after thousands of Liberians protested against rising incidents of rape in the capital, Morocco, last month to draw attention to the country’s alarming rate of sexual harassment.

Late on Friday, Way said he would establish a special prosecutor for rape in Liberia, as well as a national sex offender registry, a statement from his office said.

The government will also establish a so-called “National Security Task Force” on sexual and gender-based violence.

The high rate of rape in Liberia has long been a concern.

A UN report in 2016 recorded 4.53 million rape cases last year, and found that only 2 percent were convicted of sexual violence cases.

It was an understanding of insecurity and inheritance during the 14-year civil war between 1989 and 2003, when rape was common, which created the current problem, it said.

The incidence of rape has increased rapidly this year.

Margaret Taylor, director of the Women’s Empowerment Network of Liberia, said that last month her NGO had reported 600 cases of rape between June and August.

He said there were 80 and 100 cases in May.

Announced a national rape emergency at a conference in Monrovia on Wednesday to combat sexual violence.

Addressing the meeting, the football-president said that Liberia was “a witness to what exactly is an epidemic of rape?” [coronavirus] The epidemic affects most children and young girls across the country ”.

Y’s office said in a statement on Friday that further anti-rape measures would be announced.