Liam Hemsworth gives Miley Cyrus a necklace with her nickname & # 39; LiLi & # 39;


Happy birthday early, Miley Cyrus!

Before turning 25 on November 23, the singer celebrated her big day with her fiance Liam Hemsworth, who surprised her with a personalized gold necklace that revealed the nickname she loves to call the actor.

"My man is already killing in the game! This is just pressie # 1! Thank you LiLi! @LiamHemsworth," Cyrus titled a photo of a multicolored jeweled pendant that said & l 39; lili & # 39; in italics on a thin gold chain. (Liam's nickname is very similar to the swimsuit that the couple surrendered in August 2016: LiLey)

The Voice coach also received a shower of silver balloons with his first name.

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"I've always been and always will be #ExtraAF," Cyrus wrote on Instagram on Wednesday. "Happy B-day for you, grumpy f-ks!"

Recently, another piece of jewelry attracted the attention of fans: their matching bands on their ring fingers.

Cyrus and Hemsworth, 27, unleashed rumors of marriage at the beginning of this one month after they saw them take a walk through Savannah, Georgia, wearing strategically placed metal rings. Although the lifelong loves still have to get married, they have been using these bands for a while.

In addition, Cyrus wears the same Neil Lane diamond ring that Hemsworth gave him during his first engagement in 2012, even though he told Ellen DeGeneres that it is not his style.

"This is really weird, because it's like real jewelry and most of my jewelry is made of gummies and cotton candy … they do not look so good together because they get a little confused," he said in The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2016. "So sometimes I replace it with a real unicorn or a Looney Tune, and [Hemsworth’s] something like, what's going on, it's like, this is not my aesthetic, but I'll use it because you love me "

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