LG’s swivel screening wing leaked again before official announcement

LG’s undeclared smartphone wing, with the main display rotating to reveal a smaller secondary screen, has leaked again in a series of renders Published on Twitter by Evan Blass. The images show a couple of separate use cases for LG’s unusual form factor, including watching video on the main screen while playback controls appear on the secondary display, and displaying the two apps simultaneously . The new phone is going to arrive at 10 AM ET today.

More examples of how the two screens can be used over the weekend are highlighted by LG’s documentation Nextpit. According to LG, users will have the option to save a combination of apps to open simultaneously, and you’ll also be able to rotate the phone, so that the swivel main screen is positioned up, down, left, or right on the secondary display.

The promotional pictures give an idea of ​​how the phone’s display can be used.
Image: Ivan Blas

An app can span both displays simultaneously.
Image: Ivan Blas

The LG Wing appeared in a leaked video in August and earlier this month. But these new official images and developer documentation give us a very clear look at the undeclared device and how its software should work.

LG Wing’s news first leaked in May. At the time, reports indicated that its main display would be 6.8 inches larger, while its secondary display would measure only a four-inch corner. It is expected to support 5G and will be powered by Snapdragon 7-series processors. Three rear cameras are expected, with the main sensor having a 64-megapixel resolution.

LG is no stranger to making multiscreen Android devices. However, in the case of their previous phones, like the LG G8X and LG V60, their other screens came as optional cases. But with both phones, LG’s software reduced the overall experience. Android is not designed for two-screen phones, meaning that manufacturers such as LG and now Microsoft have to build the multiscreen functionality of their devices, often with mixed results.

LG’s official announcement for the wing is scheduled to begin at 10 AM ET today. You will be able to watch it on the official YouTube channel of LG Mobile.