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LG’s next rival for the iPhone X and Galaxy S9 could be completely redesigned before its launch – BGR

Apple again imagined the smartphone more than 10 years ago, and the iPhone became the new standard for smartphone manufacturers. But few managed to prosper after the first iPhone was launched in 2007. Samsung came up with the best approach, and the recipe worked: copy the iPhone as much as possible while spending tens of billions of dollars on marketing that pokes fun at the iPhone.

LG, meanwhile, was not able to replicate Samsung's success. After so many years of making smart phones, including some more than decent Nexus devices for Google, LG now seems to be in a dark place. It is rumored that the head of LG has ordered a review of the phone intended to compete against the iPhone X and Galaxy S9, and the launch of the phone has been delayed as a result.

Jo Seong-jin, vice president of LG and CEO, has ordered a review of the LG G7. According to a company official who spoke with [TheKoreaHerald the G7 team was ordered to stop development work and "revise" the product "from scratch". It is not clear exactly what that means.

move will move the phone launch back to April, which makes this rumor even more confusing. Obviously, it is impossible to design a new smartphone from scratch and launch it in three months. We are also not sure what it means to "revise" a product from scratch. It was assumed that the phone was going to be presented at the MWC as well as other phones of the G brand in recent years. But apparently that is not the case after Jo's announcement.

"Right after the vice president made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, a direct order was sent to job-level officials to start over," the LG official said. "A new decision will be launched on a possible launch date around the Lunar New Year holidays next month."

"We will unveil new smartphones when necessary," Jo told CES during a press conference. "But we will not launch it just because other rivals do it."

That does not sound bad strategy at all. Maybe someone should go back in early 2017 and tell LG to review the G6, which was a missed opportunity last year. In a hurry to take advantage of the absence of the Galaxy S8 from the MWC, LG came to the show with a flagship 2017 that filled a processor from 2016.

Ultimately, the G6 was a failure. According to The Herald the LG smartphone unit has posted 11 consecutive quarters of losses, including all of 2017. The LG CEO also said that he is considering retaining existing models for longer and even changing the flagship brand of the company.

G7 should have a full screen design and a dual camera module on the front, which would make it possible to scan the iris. But the official said there is internal speculation that "the company has not been able to find a strong point of sale for the G7 smartphone." This was also the case with last year's G6, which did not have points of sale to differentiate it from Samsung's flagship phones. .

The V series that LG usually launches in the second half of the year may also be affected by Jo's comments.

A spokesperson for LG said that Jo's message at CES was that the company is simply looking for new marketing strategies to be launched, and nothing has been written in stone. That said, it seems unlikely that we will see the G7, or what LG ends up calling it, at the MWC next month.

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