LG teases an expandable slide-out display for its next Explorer Project phone

LG’s official disclosure of its Twisting Wing smartphone had a Marvel-esque post-credits scene: a teaser of the next phone in its new “Explorer Project” range, featuring an expandable, slide-out display.

As seen by clip Cnet, Does not provide a lot of detail, a brief shot of the phone’s side that is expanding and sliding back before the lights go off and a “hold your breath” catchphrase by the LG Explorer Project logo appears. But the message is clear: LG is thinking about sliding performance for at least one future device.

LG’s Explorer project – introduced with a similar-looking wild-wing – is designed to offer a niche for the company, which addresses “ways to breathe new life into smartphone making” To apply. A sliding phone would definitely be worth that bill.

With a prototype already teased earlier this year, sliding phones are not a new idea. But the company actually has to ship a device, and it’s possible that LG can beat it to the punch. Also, the nature of a sliding phone, with a flexible display that rotates back and forth across the device, means a lot to LG, especially, given that the company is working on a rollable TV (Which operates under it) a similar principle) for years.

It is unclear whether LG plans to divulge more details on its sliding phone, but it is clear that between Wing and this latest teaser, the company is still trying out new and interesting smartphone designs.