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LG G7 ThinQ confirmed and practically announced by LG himself

LG has a partly interesting and partly puzzling strategy when it comes to important ads. Somehow it is between the silence of Samsung and the joke of OnePlus. LG often pre-announces parts and features of its next flagship, virtually leaving nothing to the imagination. He is doing it once again, confirming what we have practically been listening to all the time. The next flagship will be called LG G7 ThinQ and will arrive in three weeks.

LG is proud to explain that it is their first phone with the ThinQ brand in the G series. Please note that it is not the first ThinQ smartphone. That distinction belongs to the LG V30S ThinQ announced at the MWC just two months ago. And like the V-series smartphone, the LG G7 ThinQ will emphasize artificial intelligence.

ThinQ is the new LG umbrella brand for everything related to artificial intelligence. It started by changing the brand of SmartThinQ old smart appliances and now extends to their smartphones. Unlike other OEMs, LG is not yet making its own intelligent assistant and, in fact, integrates with the Google Assistant. His focus, on the other hand, is to integrate AI into different functions, such as regular photographic intelligence, smartphones and smart home controls, and more.

LG has not hinted at anything but the name and its approach, but, being LG, we can expect more pre-announcements in the coming days. In addition, now the LG G7 ThinQ has almost leaked to death. The filtered official render obtained earlier by Android Headers virtually confirms a higher and thinner phone compared to the LG G6. Almost like a Samsung Galaxy S9 with a notch.

It will definitely be interesting to see how the market will react to this new direction, especially considering that LG supposedly started almost from scratch for the G7 ThinQ. The company will unveil its smartphone on May 2 in the Manhattan metropolitan area.

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