LG confirmed wing is the name of its new swiveling smartphone

After showing A teaser video Earlier this week, LG confirmation of The upcoming smartphone with an upcoming second screen on Saturday will be called LG Wing. And while I can appreciate that they are trying to change the form factor in an increasingly crowded market flipping And Folding Dual screen Smartphone, I am afraid all I see is a cross (blessed handset).

Tuesday’s video showed that the device has some kind of sliding mechanism that can rotate one of its two screens so that the whole thing becomes a T shape. Or, if you were born and raised in a Bible belt like me, a crucified android Jesus.

LG Wing will be the first device of the company to be launched under it Explorer project Banner, “a series of devices that deliver distinctive and yet unexplained usable experiences” that it claims will create an “unchanged sector in the industry”. The exact lineup has been largely wrapped up so far, but given that LG has given it as a mobile initiative, it is safe to assume that the LG Wing will not be the last.

An article from the company reads, “LG’s newest, new smartphone will provide a new and different form factor and mobile experience that would be impossible to create with a traditional smartphone.” Saturday press statement.

Android Authority Something special shared last month showing how the two screens of the LG Wing can work together. Performs a How you can use the full-screen navigation app and control your music or field inbound calls while driving. other Shows how LG Wing’s different shape can create a completely unique mobile gaming experience.

Nothing has been confirmed regarding specs, but The rumor Is near The LG Wing will support the 5G, which runs on a Snapdragon 765 or 765G processor, including a triple-rear camera array, and features 6.8-inch and 4-inch displays. Xda developers Last month reported that it would cost $ 1,000 early this fall, though Early leakage It was priced at $ 1,600.

I’m leaning more towards the east than what we saw with Motorola’s Razor reboot. The $ 1,500 mark and above is too rich for your average phone user’s blood (in an economy devastated by this epidemic? No, thanks). Especially since companies are working on eliminating bumps with this new form factor –Really in some cases.

LG Wing will officially debut at the company’s Explorer Project event on September 14 at 10 am ET. You can catch lg’s show Youtube And Facebook Page.

Although I’m digging the funky T-shape, I doubt whether LG will hold onto the wing. Sure, this has never been done before, but sometimes there is a good reason for it, even in an industry like technology where people are constantly churning out innovation. Whenever companies do zany work like this, it always gives me a chance to think about that great Jurassic Park Quote: “Your scientists were so impressed that if they could do it, then they didn’t stop wondering what they should do.”


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