Lewis defends extra punches on Blaydes: ‘He could become’ Undertaker ‘and sit up straight’

Derrick Lewis compiled a four-game win streak Saturday by knocking out his top-five teammate Curtis Blaydes in two rounds. “The Black Beast” landed a right uppercut that put Blaydes to sleep, then followed with two more bombs in his right hand before Herb Dean stepped in to put up the fight.

Some may consider those two extra shots unnecessary. But for Lewis, he was just doing his job.

“I can’t just flip the switch like this. I know some fighters could do that, but I can’t, ”Lewis told the media during the UFC Vegas 19 post-fight press session.“ I have to wait until the referee stops you because you never know what happens. . Anything can happen. He could become the Undertaker and sit up straight and have all those drinks.

“You never know. You have to keep going until the referee says, ‘Hey, relax.’

That explains why Lewis said, “that’s Herb Dean’s fault” right after the fight.

“In his corner, his coaches were talking about ‘that was silly,'” he said. And he was saying, ‘That’s not my fault. That’s Herb Dean’s fault. I’ll keep fighting until the referee stops you. And the same could have happened to me. So I’ll keep fighting until the referee says to stop. “

Lewis also took home a $ 50,000 bonus for Performance of the Night.

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