Lewis Cin facing Auburn, quarterback Bo Knicks

Sophomore safety Louis cine Was born in Haiti before moving to Florida. He lived in Massachusetts for three years until he attended high school, before transferring to Trinity Christian School in Cedar Hill, Texas for his senior year. The nation’s No. 54 overall prospect for the 2019 class, including the No. 5 safety, Cine saw only 83 snaps as a true freshman last year during Georgia’s 12-game regular season.

Therefore, it certainly makes sense if Cine cannot fully appreciate the long-standing tradition of the Georgia-Auburn rivalry – or, for that matter, anyone Bulldog’s traditional rivalry.

Cine said while addressing the media this week, “I wouldn’t say that I’ve been here for a long time.” “But from old people, I understand that [the rivalry is] Is very important to them. I am taking it upon myself to appreciate the tradition behind the game. So, this is something that I am honoring. This is my first classical [rivalry] The game I’m starting. ”

After playing sparingly during the 2019 regular season, Cin started the SEC Championship Game for the Bulldogs and the Boiler in the Sugar Bowl, which resumed last Saturday for Georgia’s Sees opener. Watching 61 snaps against the Razorobs – the most tied on the Bulldogs defense, as well as safety Richard LeCount-Cin did six tackles, including a team high five solo stop and recorded a quarterback haul. In addition, his 85.1 and 87.3 pro football focus grades to run defense and tackles, respectively, were both team highs among 33 Georgia defenders who saw action against the Hogs.

Although he is somewhat unaware of Georgia’s rivalry with Auburn, the Cine Tigers star is more familiar with the sophomore quarterback, Bo Nix. The two were teammates in 2019 at Team Bailaholics, beating Team Flash 28-27 in the Under Arm All-America Game in Orlando, Fla.

“I know Bo Nix personally, from UA (Under Armor) playing with him,” Ciné said. “I think he’s a very great player. He brings a lot to his offense. He’s fast, he’s athletic, and he has a good arm. I’m really looking forward to playing against him.”

Cinay and his defensive teammates will be playing against an Auburn quarterback with a 16-key, 233-yard passing performance last week against Kentucky. In a 29–13 win over the Wildcats, the Knicks threw three touchdowns, while adding 34 rushing yards in five carries and two punts for a 38.5-yard average. Notably, he had not been intercepted since October of last season, with 218 consecutive pass attempts in Georgia games without him being picked. The Knicks’ string without intercepting is an Auburn record, ranks fourth all-time in SEC history, and currently the second-most national to Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence (276).

Knicks engineers a fast-paced offense coordinated by the newly-mouthed Chad Morris, whose name is synonymous with an up-tempo style. Auburn’s fast-paced offense has demonstrated in the past that it often becomes more productive as the game wears on. For example, last season against Georgia, the Tigers were limited to 186 total yards, 3.3 yards per game, and had no points through the third quarter of the game, totaling 132 consecutive yards per drive (7.8 yards per game). ) Before scoring a touchdown. In the end, Georgia was lucky to survive Auburn with a 21–14 victory.

According to Cine, the Knicks and Auburn’s up-tempo style would make Georgia well prepared for this season, especially given that the Bulldogs not only defend against a fast-paced offense during practices – they have Already faced such an attack in Fayville.

“Arkansas used tempo – at a very fast pace – and we get ready for it in practices,” Ciné said. “So, we are coming up, we will be ready for the high speed [Auburn has]. ”

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