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Lewandowski’s new book describes what it’s like to work for Trump


Highlights of the story

  • The Washington Post obtained an advance copy of the book
  • The book "Let Trump Be Trump" will be published on Tuesday
The Washington Post – which obtained an advanced copy of the book , "Let Trump Be Trump" – reported several anecdotes of the campaign, including that the then press secretary Hope Hicks used a steamboat to press Trump's pants while still using them and that the typical order of McDonald Trump & # 39; ; s consisted of "two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish and malted chocolate."
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"Sooner or later, everyone who works for Donald Trump will see a side of him that makes you ask why you took a job with him in the first place," they wrote in the book, according to the Post. "His anger is never meant to be a personal offense, but sometimes it can be hard not to take it that way.The way he gets when things are not going well can seem like a total attack; it breaks most men and women hardened into small pieces. "

They said that" both had moments when they wanted to parachute in front of Trump Force One ", but they added that they got used to the environment.

Lewandowski paints a positive image of his former boss, according to the Post, and used the book to strike Paul Manafort, the former president of the campaign whom Lewandowski blamed for having abandoned the campaign.

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After Lewandowski left the campaign, CNN hired him as a political commentator in June 2016. He resigned To that post in November 2016.

In one part of the book, Lewandowski writes about a time when Trump was in a helicopter and knew that the Manaf ort said: "Trump should no longer be on television, he should not be on Sunday's programs, "and that Manafort should appear in its place.

Lewandowski wrote that Trump was more angry than he had ever seen and ordered the pilot to lower the altitude so he could make a call to a cell phone.

"Did you say I should not be on TV on Sunday? I'll go to the television whenever I want and you will not say another word about me!" Trump shouted at Manafort, according to Lewandowski. "Do you understand? I want to upload it! … Are you a professional politician? Let me tell you something. I am a professional in life. I've been around once or twice. I know that guys like you, with their hair and their skin … "

According to the Post, Lewandowski called it" one of the greatest takedowns in the history of the world. "

He recalled that shortly after, "He immediately got a phone call" from Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, "telling me he was not a team player and that he had thrown Paul under the bus." He wrote that Manafort soon arranged for him to be fired from the campaign.

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