Le’Veon Bell to IR: Stay away from the Jets’ backfield, now buy less candidates in fantasy football. NFL news, rankings and statistics

New york jets rushing back Le’vonne Bell Was Placed on injured reserve On Tuesday, meaning he would miss at least the next three weeks with an apparent hamstring injury.

At the moment, it will leave New York Frank Gore, Josh Adams, Fourth goal punk L’Michael Perrin And recently experienced Kaleen Balge To lead the backfield against San francisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts And Denver Broncos.

The Whites are the most likely candidates for head coach Adam Gesse to work on the early ups and downs. After rock climbing for 62.5% upon Bell’s departure in Week 1. But this is far from any reason and try to remove the wires from the wire. We’ve seen this story before with the aging Veteran, and he doesn’t offer any sort of fit to start the fantasy lineup.

Two of his best fantasies came in Week 2 and 3 last season as he was the only game in which he scored a touchdown. The Jets had a total of seven attempts inside the five yards line last season.

Also in 2019, Gore’s PFF Rising Grade (64.4) was ranked 52nd in 2019, just ahead Peyton Barber And Kaleen Balge. They are not the names of the running backs you want to hustle in fantasy, so consider that you can also try Balleys and his dead-final 1.8 yards per attempt and 1.49 yards per contact after 199 touchdowns per year Huh. .

Also, in the next three weeks, the Jets are going to face a complete juggle of run defense. The 49ers and Colts both earned top-10 PFF grades in the run defense in Week 1 and held the Broncos Derrick henry 3.7 yards per attempt on Monday night.

With the Whites included as the starting runners and seeing no work in the passing game, you’re much better off taking the chance of one of Perrin or Adams.

Perrin is currently dealing with his injury, so he was inactive in Week 1, but he brings a pass-catching element which he should look to get out of the backfield. He caught 41 balls on 53 hits in his final year at Florida.

The Jets are very likely to face negative game scripts over the next few weeks (and most of the season), so Perrin could well fill Bell’s role as a receiver.

The running back crook also profiles as a runner who gets blocked for him and contrary to popular belief about the Jets offensive line, they were not bad in Week 1. He earned the fifth-highest run-blocking grade (79.7). On the week.

If Perrin is still not healthy, Adams could play a pass-catching role, as he did in Week 1, when he caught both of his two goals for 14 yards.

There was a brief stint portrayed with Adams Philadelphia Eagles As a cheater in 2018, where he held respectable numbers. He averaged 4.2 yards per attempt (22nd) and 2.84 yards per attempt (22nd) among 40 qualifying running backs with at least 120 carries.

He carried a lone goal-line carry in Week 1 on Gore 1 and converted it into a touchdown to wind up the worst scoring. But at the same time, if you’re only targeting one body in the hope of falling into the end zone, you might be better off just Grabbing barber from washington, Which is back to a clear goal-line after its Week 1 usage.

The answer is just to hold on to what to do as a potential vine owner. You never want to sell a player at their lower-dollar price tag, and the Jets have more favorable matchups after their return.

If you are looking for a buy-less opportunity, then it is time to build a business. Bell’s injury is a hamstring, so he should be good until he returns, with at least three weeks off. If not for the three-week IR that will be implemented this season, I think he will just be labeled week-to-week as opposed to being placed on IR.

If you have an additional bench wide receiver that shines in Week 1 (Sammy Watkins), This is the type of player I’d like to flip for Bell.

And as I have shown, no other running back seems primed to impress so much that Bell can lose the initial running job outright. There is also a possibility for Leonard Fournette Also the route, where the vine is either cut or traded and the land is in better condition.