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The real reason for tax reform

I am puzzled why more Frantic to pass tax reform as quickly as possible Much has been said about the apparent recklessness with which it was drafted and that so much of it is directed towards the wealthy and large corporations. In spite of the growth, all legitimate economic models, even those from Republican supporters, show that under the reform plan the deficit will increase over the next 10 yea rs and that the middle class will pay higher taxes at the end of the 10 years while the wealthy and corporations will have lower taxes.

However, the driving force of the tax reform was stated clearly by Sen. Lindsey Graham when he asked what happens if tax reform failed. His response was that "the party fractures, incumbents will be challenged and financial contributions will stop." The levers of government are up for sale to the donors. Is it any wonder why the wealthy are getting such large tax breaks? The Republicans are expecting at least a portion of that tax break back to keep them in power.

Fred Miller, Knoxville


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