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Let's defend the defenses: Week 13 (Fantasy Football)

Clay Matthews and the Packers defense should score points against the Cardinals

This is the best time of the year. In most leagues, the playoffs will be decided this week. If you need a victory this week, then you're in luck: three of my four main defenses are owned in less than 30% of the leagues, and the other is only 41%. If you are already blocked for the playoffs, or have additional space on your bench, you should think about who is starting in the playoffs. With that in mind:

  1. If you have Chicago, wait for dear life. You will need someone else for week 14 (PIT @ OAK should be available).
  2. Houston also has a tough 14th week against the Colts, but otherwise has a good playoff schedule.
  3. The Rams, Denver, Tennessee, Detroit and Washington, in the order in which they would prefer to have them, all appear to be usable for the duration of the playoffs.
  4. If you are in one of those strange leagues where the first playoff period is week 14-15 and the second period is weeks 16-17, the Bills and Lions look good during the first period, and the Rams, Patriots, Packers, and the dolphins look good for the second period.

Show me your ranges

This is a great week for transmission for three reasons:

  1. There are no more byes, so each team is on the board.
  2. The four best teams are widely available, so you probably do not have to go to Level 2 if you do not want to.
  3. A good part of your fantasy league is already eliminated from the playoff contest, so there will be less competition in the equipment exemption cable with nothing to play for.

As always, I am pleased to answer questions about Twitter.

RankTeamAdversaryUNEDSpreadPennsylvaniaCoatLost the ballTDFPTSOwn%
The start level with confidence
4missing in actionBUF40-517.52.711.470.157.79eleven%
5CHI@NYGFour. Five-4.520.252.711.370.217.3598%
The level still a good choice
8FII WAS44-6.518.752.421.330.167.02Sixty-five%
elevenINDIANA@JAC47.5-421.752.311.470.146.46Four. Five%
Surely You Can Find Something Better Level
14BUF@MISSING IN ACTION40522.52.291.430.156.2938%
sixteenDO NOT@DAL53-72. 32.651.230.146.0941%
17I WAS@FI446.525.252.611.350.125.8246%
twenty-oneWATER WELLLACQUER51.5-3.5242.
22NYGCHIFour. Five4.524.752,
2. 3ARI@GB44.51429.252.711.250.14.7819%
28LACQUER@WATER WELL51.53.527.51.921.330.094.4794%
30DALDO NOT537301.831.210.053.3157%

Tell me about the best selections

  1. GB vs ARI: Last week, Arizona proved once again that they are a team to aim for, giving 8 points of fantasy to the defense of the Chargers, slightly higher than the average. The Green Bay defense of a similar level slightly above average has a good chance of being available in your league, and it's a great start this week.
  2. TEN vs NYJ: The Jets continued to show us what the AFC East is made of, scoring just 13 points against New England. Tennessee has a similar advantage against Sam Darnold, who leads the league in interceptions.
  3. SEA vs SF: Nick Mullens' experiment came to earth and scored just 9 points against one of the league's worst defenses in Tampa Bay. Now, the 49ers have to face a better Seattle defense on the road.
  4. MIA vs BUF: This game has the lesser of less than the week, thanks to the fact that both teams are better in defense than in offense. Miami is favored by 5 points at home, and is owned by only 11% of the leagues. This is a great week for the broadcast.
  5. CHI @ NYG: I am a great defender of the transmission, but every year there is a defense that makes it unnecessary for you to possess them. Last year was Jacksonville. This year is Chicago. They do not project as high as the rest of Level 1, but they have the highest floor of the group. There's no way you can not start the Bears if you have the chance.
  6. KC @ OAK: In case you have not heard, Oakland is trash. Actually, that is not fair. Oakland is the most passionate soccer fan base and is being abandoned by their team. The Raiders are garbage. They made Baltimore the best fantasy defense he scored last week, and they gave Kansas City a huge turnover this week. #TankForTua
  7. HOU vs CLE: Since the dismissal of Hue Jackson and Todd Haley, the Browns are 2-0 and on fire. (For those who keep the score, Jackson's new team, the Bengals, is 0-2, it's like a curse). However, Houston is the third best real football defense in the league (behind Chicago and Buffalo). Both Vegas and my model think that this is untenable. With J.J. Watt playing again like him, the Browns should be happy again.
  8. PHI vs WAS: Despite how bad the Eagles have been lately, they are still the 6.5 point favorites, which tells you how bad Washington is. Washington has just been plagued with injuries for two years. Maybe it's the team that is cursed.
  9. LAR @ DET: The Lions' receiving core has become much more manageable with the loss of Marvin Jones. It is likely that the Rams are not available in your league, but if you have them, there is no reason to sit them down now.
  10. IND @ JAC: The jaguars finally did it. They installed Blake Bortles and fired offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. Cody Kessler is certainly a better quarterback than Bortles, and a dice die would be a better option to play. Still, with these changes and the suspension of Leonard Fournette (that is, the entire offense), the Jags are exactly in the kind of confusion we want to attack in fantasy, and the Colts are in the midst of a streak of 5 consecutive victories . where they have allowed an average of less than 20 points per game.

How was it last week?

The highest level of last week performed very well, with the notable exception of a total Jacksonville failure, which failed to record catches or turnovers. All other Level 1 teams scored at least 8 fantasy points, with an average of 9.3 for the level. Level 2 only had one team that acted: Buffalo with 7 points. The rest of the level was mediocre, with Cincinnati collapsing at the height of 35 points allowed without catches or turnovers. The Level 2 average of 2.1 points was below the average of 5.1 points for the lower level. That was supported in large part by the great days of Tampa Bay, which kept San Francisco with 9 points, and New Orleans, which recorded 6 sacks and 4 turnovers.

RankTeamAdversaryUNEDSpreadProj. FPTsFPTS Act
The start level with confidence9.3
oneLACQUERARIFour. Five-128.488
4DALI WAS40.5-7.57.589
The level still a good choice2.2
9INDIANAmissing in action50.5-9.56.933
elevenWATER WELL@DEN46.5-3.56.8two
Surely You Can Find Something Better Level5.1
fifteenI WAS@DAL40.57.56.023
17DO NOTATL59.5-135.66fifteen
twenty-oneDENWATER WELL46.53.55.429
2. 3CLE@CIN47.535.136
28ARI@LACQUERFour. Five124.01two
29missing in action@INDIANA50.59.53.727
30ATL@DO NOT59.5131.243

Jacob Herlin is a senior data analyst for FantasyPros. For more of Jacob, follow him. @jacoblawherlin.

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