Lester voice actor responded to the latest heist rumors

One of Grand theft auto v The most popular characters are no doubt Lester. Not only is he one of the highlights of the story Gta v Tells, but he made headlines a few months ago when he made another appearance GTA Online Casino Heist. Since that time, players have been hoping Lester will return to the game, and now, the character’s voice actor has commented on the case.

Seen on Reddit, a user reached out to Jay Klitz, the voice actor behind Lester, to ask if he was coming back to hear the character’s voice for Heist in the future? GTA Online. Klaitz, of course, did not signify in any way, simply acknowledging that it was “hard to say!” He went on to express that even though he knew, he clearly can’t tell a way to this person due to the “tight ship” that runs Rockstar Games.

I asked Jay Klitz (Lester) if he would be in the future as another successor or if he was done on his cameo..what did he say to r / gtaonline

Regardless of what happens in the future, though specifically, with Lester GTA Online Fans were just finding it refreshing that Klitz responded to the investigation in the first place. It’s not every day that you see actors go out of their way to answer fan questions in this way, so the fact that Klitz took the time to do so is actually too much rad.

GTA Online Players should be very busy over the next few weeks with games, Lester or not. More recently, Rockstar Games rolled out a new heist at Keio Perico’s Local. While some have wished to be able to explore the new territory, which is somewhat more than Heist allowed, it is a more solid addition to the multiplayer title.

Rockstar keeps updating GTA Online Initially several years after release and soon showed no signs of slowing down. If you want to know about all those future developments, you may want to stay in the loop, you can follow our coverage of the title.

so how R u? Will you see Lester have another look in the future? GTA Online theft? Let me know your thoughts either in the comments or shoot me a personal message on Twitter @ MooreMan12.

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