Leslie Staal: ‘No Comprehensive Health Care Plan’ in Massive Health Care Book in Trump Interview

Leslie Staal of CBS said that after that the giant book presented as the President’s health care plan President TrumpDonald John TrumpObama slogans Trump in Miami: ‘Florida Man Won’t Do This Stuff’ Trump Gives North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin Pence Chiefs of Staff Tests Positive for COVID-19 A “60 Minutes” interview went out “There was no comprehensive health plan.”

The moment came shortly after Trump was cut in an interview last week. Press Secretary Kayle McNee then overshadowed what he said about the White House’s health care plan. Staal can be heard in the interview saying “I can’t lift it”.

Then, in a voiceover for Sunday’s “60 Minutes” episode, Staal says the book lacked a health care plan.

“Kayle McKenney gave us a heavy book, which she described as the president’s health care plan. It was full of executive orders and congressional initiatives, but no comprehensive health plan,” she said.

The full interview aired on Sunday, but Trump had already released his share of the interview after Stall expressed displeasure over the way it was conducted, and alleged it would be shared biased .

“I’ll soon be the first in television history, unannounced preview of ‘Takeout’, a vicious effort by me @ Leslie Staal of 60Minutes,” Trump Tweeted Thursday “Look at his constant interruptions and anger. Compare my full, flowing and ‘brilliant’ answer to his ‘Q’.”

Trump also tweeted photos from the interview on Wednesday, including a moment in which Stall was handed a book of Trump’s plans on health care.


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