Leslie Jones criticizes the new movie of & # 39; Ghostbusters & # 39 ;: "It's Like Something Trump Would Do"

The actress, who starred in the women's restart of the franchise in 2016, tweeted her disappointment at the news earlier this week that Jason Reitman will direct a new movie that will continue the story that began with the original 1984 and its 1989 sequel.

In response to the news that Jason Reitman is new. Ghostbusters The project will continue the story that began with the original 1984 of Ivan Reitman and its sequel of 1989, and ignoring the feminine resumption of the director Paul Feig in 2016, Leslie Jones, member of the cast of the latter, has expressed his disappointment in the networks social.

The comedian took to Twitter on Saturday. in a post That said, "So insulting, like bading us, we do not count, it's like something Trump would do." (Voice of Trump) "I'm going to remake the ghosts, better with the men, it will be huge. These women are not ghosts. Is very annoying. Such movement of bad. And I do not care, I'm saying something! "

Jones labeled his partner Ghostbusters co-star Melissa McCarthy, along with Reitman. So far there have been no responses from any of the people involved in the film, who has received reactions since the announcement of his intention. In England, a journalist wrote an "open letter to Jason Reitman," citing his missed opportunity.

From Feig Ghostbusters received mostly positive reviews at the time of its publication (it currently stands at 74 percent for Rotten Tomatoes) and raised $ 229 million worldwide, and in particular the strong foundation of female friendship was mentioned in many reviews.

Reitman is writing the script of his film in collaboration with Gil Kenan. The details of the casting have not yet been published, although the film is scheduled to enter theaters by 2020.


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