Leslie Jones attacks the sequel to & # 39; Ghostbusters & # 39; by Jason Reitman

Ghostbusters restart Leslie Jones Jason ReitmanLeslie Jones has some problems with the next Ghostbusters sequel directed by Jason Reitman.

Ghostbusters It was a surprisingly controversial movie when it premiered in 2016. The reboot of the clbadic comedy of the same name was met with criticism at the time it was revealed that it would eliminate the continuity of the two previous entries in the franchise in favor of a whole – Encoder female.

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One of the stars of 2016. Ghostbusters The restart, Leslie Jones, recently shared his thoughts on the latest addition to the franchise, which will hit theaters next year with the help of director Jason Reitman. Leslie Jones took her Twitter to share your very honest thoughts about the new tracking of the original of 1984. Check out his answer in the post below.

So insulting. Like bad we do not count. It's like something Trump would do. (Trump's voice) "I'm going to remake the ghosts", better with the men, it will be huge. These women are not ghostly people "ugh so annoying, such a movement of bad And I do not give a shit, I'm saying something!

– Leslie Jones ? (@Lesdoggg) January 19, 2019

As you can see, Leslie Jones is not very interested in the new vision of Jason Reitman for the franchise. Given the vitriol that Leslie Jones received during her time promoting Ghostbusters, it is not surprising that the SNL Star has some rough feelings towards this new version of the beloved franchise.

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We will make sure to keep you informed about all the news related to Jason Reitman's information. Ghostbusters sequel as soon as more information becomes available. Do you agree with Jones regarding the new movie? What do you hope to get out of this new addition to the franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Directed by Jason Reitman from a script he co-wrote with Elf The new director Gil Kena, the new Ghostbusters The project will start shooting in the coming months.

The sequel to ghostbusters without title It is scheduled to be released in cinemas in 2020.

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