Lesbos: Greek police set fire to protest against migrants

Migrants were opposed to linking the island’s Mytilene and the new camp location with the main city, which was due to be established by authorities after the Moria camp earlier this week.

A journalist on the ground said the expatriates were disappointed to be in the refugee camps and wanted to leave the island, but the Greek government said they would not be “blackmailed” into relocating on Friday.

Greek officials said the fire in Moria was deliberately lit after quarantine rules were applied to residents testing positive for coronovirus in Europe’s largest refugee camp.

A guard was affected by tears and was angrily shouting at the camp about his treatment.

Migrant “Freedom!” Was reciting And “Neither tents, nor lesbos, nor Greece,” “We need peace and freedom” and “Moriya kill all lives.”

The tension comes four days after a fire ripped through Moria, Europe’s largest refugee camp, displacing 13,000 people, including thousands of children.

CNN has contacted local police for information about Saturday’s clashes but has not yet received a response.

The camp’s refugees have been left homeless and hungry after the fire, with some sleeping on roadies and gas stations while dozens of families have taken refuge in a nearby cemetery.

The director of the Greek migration minister’s office, Constantino Costacos, said the authorities would temporarily relocate 1,000 migrants – particularly in vulnerable groups – on a ship docked in Sigri on the island’s west side.