Leonard Fournette: I got a quarterback for the first time in my life

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Releasing three years after finishing fourth overall in the draft is generally not a good thing, but Leonard Fournette is not looking at his departure from Jacksonville that way.

Fournette was released by the Jaguars last week and did not have to wait long before embarking on a contract to join the Buccaneers. He is part of a backfield that also features Ronald Jones and LeSean McCoy, so it remains to be seen how solid his role will be, but every role he plays will come with Tom Brady taking snacks from the center.

This is a possibility that Fournette brings to happy thoughts.

“For the first time in life, I Is actually a quarterback, ”Fournette said, via TheAthletic.com’s Greg Eamon.

Neither Fournette’s LSU teammates nor current or past Jaguars quarterbacks Blake Bortles, Cody Kessler and Gardner Minshew would be thrilled with that assessment, but it’s hard to argue with Fournette’s approach to upgrading to his quarterback position.

With Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski and OJ Howard as receivers for Brady, Fournette will likely be seeing fewer defenders in the box than before. If it pays for increased production, the cut will likely outpace any negative effects.