LEGO’s Women of NASA set is a best-seller – will it encourage women?

The success of LEGO’s Women of NASA set proves that girls want STEM inspiration
The Women of NASA – welcoming women into STEM industries (Picture: LEGO)

LEGO’s Women of NASA toy set hit the primary spot in Amazon’s best-selling toys and video games checklist.

The set options real-life NASA heroines, together with astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison, astronomer Nancy G Roman (often known as the ‘mother’ of the Hubble Telescope) and Margaret Hamilton, the pc scientist who wrote the code that helped Apollo 11 to land on the moon.

The ladies of Nasa now have their very own Lego set

And, clearly, it features a spaceship. Because what’s a LEGO set and not using a spaceship?

For just about ever, if a younger lady needed to play with a spaceship, she had solely male astronaut figures to go along with it.

Toys inform us from a younger age that ‘only men can be astronauts’.

They additionally inform us that solely males will be troopers, docs and inventors, and that solely ladies will be nurses, vets and ballet dancers.

Girls can’t play with vans, and boys can’t play with dolls.

Boys like boy toys and women like lady toys – so says the usual knowledge on the subject.

And but we’re nonetheless stunned as to why figures for girls working in STEM industries (science, know-how, engineering and arithmetic) are so low, and why males contemplate taking care of infants to be ‘women’s work’.

The success of LEGO’s Women of NASA set is proof that women WANT to see themselves represented in toys as extra than simply clothes-horses.

The success of LEGO’s Women of NASA set proves that girls want STEM inspiration

The outcry over the shortage of merchandising for feminine movie characters like Star Wars’ Rey, Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Gamora and Marvel’s Black Widow proves the identical level.

With these characters, the play concerned with them is solely wish-fulfilment. No-one can ACTUALLY be a Jedi or a superhero, no matter whether or not they’re male or feminine.

But astronaut, laptop scientist and astronomer are REAL JOBS, that REAL WOMEN can aspire to do.

It appears applicable that this week is Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, celebrating the younger technology of engineers and inspiring younger individuals to aspire to work within the business.

As know-how turns into more and more essential in our fashionable world, we’d like as many individuals working within the STEM industries as doable.

If half of the inhabitants are informed from childhood that the business isn’t for them, then they gained’t even contemplate it an possibility.

Both women and boys have to have diversified choices obtainable to them from a younger age to badist them uncover what they’re captivated with.

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A Women of NASA toy set might result in desirous to learn books about feminine scientists, to wanting to review science additional.

It’s no coincidence that once I was a toddler I used to be obsessive about characters like Lois Lane and Little Women’s Jo March – loving these characters (a reporter and a author) was an early signal that I’d go on to like writing.

Our childhood imaginative play has an enormous bearing on the adults we develop into – so why restrict the creativeness of kids to arbitrary and old school gender roles?

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