Legends presents a completely new ship and this is why

In case you missed it, Star Trek: Legends from developer FTX Games and publisher Tilting Point, recently released as part of a significant expansion of Apple Arcade. The Apple Arcade exclusive iOS video game sees players control a Starfleet ship as their ship warps into the mysterious Nexus, within which they discover a dimension of new worlds and characters. In particular, the video game features an entirely new ship called the USS Artemis, and the developer recently explained why he decided to unveil an entirely new ship instead of using an existing one during a press event attended by ComicBook.com.

“The Nexus, where the game takes place, is this realm that you can only enter through these destructive rifts, so we had to set up the Federation of Planets to create this unique starship which is the only starship in the fleet that can go in that realm, “said Amir Lotan, executive producer and creative director of Star Trek: Legends. “Another reason is that, because we are bringing characters from all eras of [Starfleet]We didn’t want a spacecraft specifically associated with one of those shows or one of those eras. We really wanted something that felt like it was from the player as captain and that no one could claim. “

Star Trek: Legends is currently available as part of the Apple Arcade subscription service. The service itself, which is available on iOS devices, costs $ 4.99 per month. You can check out all of our previous Apple Arcade coverage right here.

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