‘Legend of Tomorrow’ Season 6: Liseth Chavez Cast Series Regular

Complete New WaveRider recruitment: Legends of tomorrow Casted Liseth Chavez (Chicago PD) In the series-regular role of foreign expert Operoza “Spooner” Cruz, TVLine has learned. According to reports, Chavez will not return to NBC’s police drama PD For season 8.

Spooner joins the Time Ship crew in season 6, which finds co-captains Sarah Lance and Ava Sharp and their team “hunted for extroverted extroverts throughout history”, according to the official synopsis. “After Sara is kidnapped by a ruthless alien, this new mission becomes personal. It will take more than the combined powers of great men to save the world for the sixth time. Enter Spooner, “A woman is uniquely qualified to help the team defeat its space enemies. Either she’s crazy …”

“Tough and self-sufficient” Spooner “stays off the grid, and devises simple techniques to detect – and defend – against space aliens,” reads the character description. “And while some may call her crazy, she says it’s being prepared. Surviving an childhood encounter, Spooner believes that she has the ability to communicate telepathically with the alien. ”

Although Spooner can be a resource for legends, he will not necessarily have buds with them. “He’s not a cute loser,” executive producer Grenne Godfree shared during the show’s full DC FanDome panel (streaming on demand from Sunday, September 13 at 1 pm ET). “He’s going to be someone who is very tough and gives it to other legends, and they’re all going and he has to react, and I think it’s going to throw their legs a little bit away.”

As previously reported, Waverider’s make-up, season 6, will once again look different: Shayan Sobhian, who plays Zari’s younger brother Behad, has been regularly promoted to the series, while Richardson-Sellers, who Recently played the character of Charlie, will not stay back. Additionally, TVLine has confirmed that Olivia Swann (aka Astra) will return to the full-time show.

Chavez’s previous TV credits include her role as officer Vanessa Rojas Chicago PD, Stints on as well The Fosters, The Oy, Station 19 And Killing in the first. The actress is the latest in a string of stars to appear in #OneChicago and the Arrowverse franchise: Colin Donnell (both.arrowTommy / MerlinMadeConnor Rhodes), Josh Segra (arrowAdrian Chase /PDJustin Voight), Charlie Barnett (arrowJohn digal jrThe firePeter Mills), Annie Ilonzeh (Laurel Pal Joanna in) arrow session 1/The fireEmily Foster) and Cynthia Addai Robinson ()arrowAmanda WallerMadeVicky Glass among others).

Legends of tomorrow The following year saw season 6 on the CW for the first film.