LeBron James strives to recruit big names to join him in & # 39; Space Jam 2 & # 39;

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After her starring role in the prolongation of the Los Angeles playoff drought to an inconceivable sixth season, NBA superstar LeBron James could be forced out of the same disappointing team that was embarrbaded all year for her next Space Jam 2.

According to NBC Sports, the Akron native is struggling to attract big names like forward Jeff Durant of the Golden State Warriors, or future MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, to join him in the Monstars business on the big screen.

Which means that while Michael Jordan was flanked by legends like Patrick Ewing, Larry Bird and Charles Barkley in the original Joe Pytka-helmed, Space Jam 2 I could end up looking a lot like this:

Los Angeles Lakers basketball operations president, Magic Johnson, and general manager, Rob Pelinka, formed his list and Dr. Umar built his school, and it seems that LeBron could be forced to follow his example.

"He has been recruiting players to come and try to be in Space Jam "He has been with him this summer and he has not been able to close some of those agreements," NBA journalist Brian Windhorst revealed on ESPN. The jump. "Some of the best guys he wants to come and be with him in the movie […] "You put me in the movie where you're the star, I'm going to be the one you're getting into."

If I'm Dame Lillard, I'm not trying to get thrown in for verification either.

But since LeBron will be watching the playoffs on the couch with the rest of us, I think he'll have plenty of time to renew his recruiting methods for both the Lakers next season. Y for his next movie.

Filming and production for. Space Jam 2 It is scheduled to start this summer.

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