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LeBron James gets the last 13 points in Cleveland Cavaliers’ 11th consecutive victory


CLEVELAND – LeBron James scored the last 13 points for the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday night, leading his team to their eleventh straight win, a 116-111 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies. James played after game for his team in the final straight, calmly finishing a performance of 34 points and 12 badists that left the fans singing "MVP! MVP". during the final minutes.

"That's when my teammates, when they're winning time in the fourth quarter, want me to step up and do what I do best," James said.

In the middle of his 15th season in the league, there is a facility James feels when he knows that his team wants him to take the game late.

"It's just experience," James said. "I've been in a lot of important games, in the regular season, in the postseason, in the finals, where you have to go through your teammates, I try to be as much as possible at the end of the game, and tonight was another one of those. and I was able to help my team, it's an honor for me to have up to 14 men and they look at me personally like, "Ok, it's your time." I just try to make the right readings and make the right decisions to help us. to win ".

This was the fifth time in James' Hall of Fame future career that he scored the last 13 points of his team to close a game, according to Elias Sports Office. He now has a 3-1 record in those games as a Cavalier, including a game in which he scored the last 14 in the final stretch. The only player who has done more times since 2003-04 is Kobe Bryant, who did it seven times.

"It's awesome, man," said Cavs guard Dwyane Wade. "I've been surrounded by guys, I've been a guy, when you're in a team and you have a guy that when the game comes up you can give him the ball and he'll move in. Maybe not all the time, but it seems that [most] Sometimes, it makes the game easier, it's like a good football team that has a great field goal kicker, all they have to do is get close enough. [I’m] a Bears fan, you know that Robbie Gould will do it to us, so it's something like that, we know he's going to make the right move. "

The Grizzlies, who have now lost 11 straight games, returned to the game in the final minutes, forcing James to do what he did.

"In the third quarter I felt the impulse of f the game starts to change a bit," James said. "When we went up to 18 and allowed them to get a pair of 3 … I saw that the moment changed and I knew at some point that it was going to be a game, I could read and the shooters were doing a great job, and the guys were doing a Great work at the beginning of the moving game and I received many badists, so I knew that at some point [the Grizzlies] I would be closer to my boys, I dare to score, so that was when I had to help my boys ".

After playing with James in Miami and Cleveland and facing him for years, Wade knows there is not much that other teams can do. when I roll like that

"There's not much you can do about it, unless you shoot two of them," Wade said. "But if you give him two, you're going to leave Kyle Korver with him, you're going to leave Kevin Love open … somehow you have to live with him while he does it … It's awesome, man. with his head "

" The only thing that surprised me tonight was that I had never seen him enter the last quarter without a rebound, "added Love. "And he was still the best player on the court … he just leads us in a lot of different ways … That fourth quarter [performance] does not surprise me, we always know we're going to him and he's going to make the right move, and tonight I was scoring the ball. "

James quickly reminded reporters that he won 27 straight games as a member of the Miami Heat during the 2012-13 season, so he does not think the current 11-game winning streak in the Cavs is a big factor motivation

"Not for me," he said. "We want to keep winning, and if we keep playing well, we will put ourselves in a position to win, and that's all you can ask for."

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