LeBron James disgusted Lori Laughlin for being able to serve a sentence in the prison of her choice

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James offered some bitter thoughts on the prison sentence of actress Lori Laughlin that exposed the unfairness of the current justice system.

Laughlin was sentenced to two months in federal prison for her part in a college admissions scandal, although she is given a choice as to which prison she will work in at the time.

The widespread scandal involved Laughlin and her husband Mosimo Giannulli, who were also convicted of paying $ 500,000 to get their daughters to the University of Southern California.

In recent years, James has been very prominent on topics related to injustice towards African-Americans, including the racial conflict that occurred this year.

Being able to choose James’ frustration with Laughlin where he commits his prison sentence is clearly evident, given that he knows the decision is something that rarely, if not the other less prominent. Prisoners are given.

Such special favors, along with the injustices that African-Americans have endured for decades within the legal system, are key aspects of James’s anger at the subject.

For now, James will focus on helping the Lakers win the Western Conference title as they open their series against the Denver Nuggets on Friday night. The Lakers will try to win their first conference title in a decade, while James will try to reach the NBA Finals for the 10th time in his legendary career.

However, it seems clear that James will continue to take notice of the flaws within the justice system and will offer similar ideas in the future.

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