LeBron James calls Devin Booker the most disrespected NBA player

There’s a decent chance that LeBron James will meet Devin Booker or Damian Lillard in the playoffs, maybe even both.

There is no possibility that you underestimate any of them.

After this year’s NBA All-Star reserves without Booker were announced Tuesday, James joined the indictment and declared the Phoenix Suns guard a slight. He did not use the word “snub.” But his timing and his message were clear.

He followed that tweet with his thoughts on Lillard.

Lillard, unlike Booker, was named to the All-Star team on Tuesday. But many in the NBA believed the honor came too late, that Lillard should have been named a starter last week. Count James among them.

Lillard barely missed the starting lineup thanks to a tiebreaker between fan, player and media voting. The NBA coaches selected the reserves and decided that Booker did not cut him.

So who would LeBron cut?

Although James showed his respect for Booker and Lillard on Tuesday, he declined to name names to cut. Obviously, you can’t add a player to a limited list without deleting another.

LeBron James believes that Devin Booker should be an All-Star. (AP Photo / Matt York)

And we really can’t blame James. Talking about your rivals is one thing. Reducing them is another, although a much more interesting perspective.

Most critics named Luka Doncic the leading candidate to be cut from the starting lineup in favor of Lillard; Doncic was among them. Adding Booker means leaving out Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, Anthony Davis, Chris Paul, Zion Williamson, or Paul George. We know that James is not naming Davis. Would he dare ditch his old friend and Booker teammate Paul in favor of his backcourt partner?

I guess James will never tell. At least not publicly.

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