The site will be open – the stars – Jacob Farhan and Leila Iskandar make an important decision.


Laila Iskandar, an actor and herbalist, is on a video of her husband, artist Saudi, Yacoub Farhan, during an MBC interview on the MBC program, where Farhan gave advice to famous people about life. their children and how they may be protected from prestige. In particular, if they are not alive for life, they should not understand the world of reputation and reputation, which could have a negative impact on their psychology and pass them on to the public and t supporters.

“We hope that some celebrities who give away all their mental problems that may pass the child on to the children simply wonder what they do today, t "Iskandar said."

"The situation from now on will help to protect children from the bullying and mental disorder that comes from fame, especially if they are under age and allow them to make the difference between facts and truth. Thank you. T .. Jacob and Laila Farhan. "

The fans on the Entgram website are a lot of support for this video, which supports Laila and her husband for their decision for their children, and the desire for these famous people to do the same thing so that their child can become independent personality and decide that the Public or his life should not be kept out of light. t

Iskandar had recently held a special reception in the capital of Saudi Riyadh, which won and gained fan reputation, especially after Iskandar has unveiled some of the service videos at the cost of the Entgram site. .

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