The League of Arab States shows that Syria has no record of a Tunis plateau

The speaker for the Arab League Secretary-General, the Mahmoud Ambassador, has announced that the return of Syria to the university "which is not yet listed" is on the Arab table which will be held in in Tunisia at the end of March.

"So far, there is no Syrian return case on the agenda and it was not formally proposed by any party," said Afifi to a news conference.

"Syrian's crisis lies on the summit with other issues, notably the Palestina case, the situation in Libya and Yemen, support for peace and development in Sudan, the elimination of Iran in Arab countries, and the t Turks in the northern part of Iraq and the work of Iran in the UAE islands, "said Afifi.

The Secretary General of the Arab Federation, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, announced at the end of the 150th session of the Arab League's Ministerial Council in Cairo that "Syrian participation" in the Arab Arab region has not been raised. to come in Tunisia.

The Arab League decided on 12 November, 2011, around eight months after the start of the Syrian rebellion, to stop Syria's membership by controlling political and political system control. T Assad, calling for the Syrian Arab army to fight violence against protesters.

In January, the Foreign Minister Tunisian Khamis Jahnawi said Syria was "a natural place" within the League of Arab States.

The current debate on the return of Syria, where a Iraq and several officers from Lebanon have returned to Syria to the university, has been rejected by some Arab countries with great political pressure. T , between Arab and international, the call.

"Arab agreement has not asked the question of hanging over the decision to stop Syrian membership of the League of Arab States," said Assistant General Hossam Zaki with a news conference at the US. end of January.

For the place where people lived in Golan, Afghanistan stressed that “the Arab Arab Emirates are constantly placing an emphasis on the Syrian Golan's Arabian identity,” and he said, “that the Arab Syrians will always focus on the same Arab identity. development from the Arab state to demand the modernization of the Golan based on new developments.

Comments were received in response to questions from reporters on Donald Trump's report from the US President yesterday on a tweet on Twitter that he was in recognition of Israel's sovereignty about Golan Heights.

The Arab League and the Arab states were opposed to Trump's agreement that the "Golan was taken over the border with Syria."

Abul-Gheit also confirmed that the Golan is set in the borders of Syria with the status of international law and United Nations resolution and the Council of Security and the recognition of the international community. "

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