New York orders compulsory vaccination against measles and makes judgments about incorrect information

Mayor of New York Bill of Palacio in the Reuters archive.

NEW GEORGE (Reuters) – The Mayor of New York Bill de Palacio confirmed a crisis in public health in parts of Brooklyn on Tuesday to prevent the measles. People who have not been immunized against the disease must be immunized in areas affected by the vaccine or face debts.

Di Palacio told a news conference that the biggest blow of the town hit the city from 1991 only to a Jewish number of Williamsburg of Brooklyn, with 285 cases confirmed from October, as opposed to just that. T was registered in 2017.

"This is the brutal brute that is really worrying and needs to be dealt with immediately," said de Palacio. He was accompanied by health officers on what they said were false information – opponents published the vaccine.

The disease is widely spread and can result in death. Officials say that there were still no deaths, there were 21 hospital attendances and five people were referred to intensive care. Except for 39 cases, all cases are proved to children.

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