Lebanon is a stark country that is badly managed by its young people

“We are involved in many challenges in developing and developing this country through political activity, especially because Lebanon is a poor country, but a weak state of poor governance which is not present. sustaining the level of democracy. For young people's aspirations So the parties still have the problem because we cannot get to the best without their huge efforts, and we need to take on our responsibilities by engaging in political life to achieve political life. T development, because political activity is a story of conviction and loyalty, noting that “the greatest aim of being in the political life of these young people is me Ri Ri!” t with the political nature. "

In his speech at a political lecture entitled "Politics: A Commitment and the Challenge in Youth Life", organized by the Al-Hikma University – Fern Al-Shababah University student group, Bo Asi explained to the young people: "You are here. very happy with life but you have big doubts about it. The future and I tell you that you will keep your enthusiasm and energy. "

He argued that "politics is a promise and a challenge in young people's lives, the first attempt on people's lives, that politics is the noble way of turning our sovereignty's commitments into ambition, and The challenge facing the other is not the opposition, the challenge is time and effort that political and party life is restricted to a particular governing body, and thousands of people die t to get freedom to become a political party and to be real citizens. '

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