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For anyone who danced the dancer Kitty? Learn the truth

 For anyone who spied dancer kitty? Find out the truth
For anyone who spied Dancer Kitty? Know the Truth

For anyone who danced the dancer Kitty? Know the truth The binoculars quoted from the summary we publish to you for anyone who was spying dancer kitty? Get to know the truth, who was the spy dancer Kitty? Get to know the truth We are posting to you our new news today through our telescope and start with the most important news, to anyone who was spying dancer kitty?

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The name of the dancer Kitti remained controversial at a time when the relations of artists of Jewish origin were strained with the Egyptian state in the 1960s, during the antagonism of history with the Zionist entity.
Who was born on this day in 1927 in the city of Alexandria, from a Greek family, was said to have fled Egypt after being accused of espionage in favor of Israel, especially after publishing in magazines that her colleague and friend Lebanese artist Elias Mudaib was referred for investigation by the Egyptian security authorities. Then returned to Beirut.

According to the artistic historian Wajih Nada, in an article published in «Dunia Al Watan», that Kitty secretly migrated in time to investigate with a polite, leaving to Paris, and did not return to Egypt until her death, and Ndi disagreed with the rumors that she was on "The relationship between the Egyptian spy Raafat El-Hagan, although it happened in favor of it, and denies the charge of cooperation with Israel, as some promoted, he said.
Nada pointed out that the note of the hybrids did not mention the name of Kitty, and that dancer mentioned in his memoirs called" Stressing that she loved Egypt, where she was born, and saw her colleagues in the middle efficiency on both the professional and humanitarian, such as a certificate Artist Ismail Yassin, who he described as a different artist, did well in many review films, and give a nice atmosphere to any work done jointly.

The music historian tried to balance things rationally, about the reason for her sudden departure from Egypt. "What has been raised since the 1950s is that the dancer Kitty and after the decision of the Minister of Manpower to expel the foreign dancers, "She is a model of the human and technical relations between Egypt and France, and she fears that this good relationship will happen, because the decision of the Egyptian minister caused the expulsion of dozens of Russians, Arab women and Turks," she said. "I did not give in. I spoke with her foreign minister, Dominique de Villepin. , And the foreign minister did not respond to the request A return. »

Kathy has made 65 films, most of which she has collaborated with the great comedian Ismail Yassin, as in "Impression of Ismail Yassin, Abu Ayoun Bold, and Ismail Yassin in the Museum of Wax, Mind and Money." She died on January 5, 1980. [19659009] Thank you for following us and we promise you always to provide everything that is best .. The transfer of news from all sources of news and facilitate reading them. Do not forget the work of IK for our page on Facebook and follow the latest news on Twitter. With family greetings of the telescope site.
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