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Fedra Introduces TV Shows For The First Time

 Jordanian Artist Vidra - Archival

Jordanian Artist Vidra – Archival

Jordanian artist Vidra said she was preparing to present a television program for the first time, explaining that the program will be artistic, in cooperation with a major channel, On the other hand, Fedra continues the acting workshop she started several days ago, during which she teaches a range of new artistic talents. (19659004). The last works of Vidar series "Harbaya", Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe, "Between Two Worlds," starring Egyptian actor Tareq Lotfi, and "The Highest Price", starring in a series of scenarios to choose the work to be presented. Egyptian actress Nelly Karim, who achieved great success in Ramadan 2017.

Vidra is an actress, director, writer, decorator, and producer, and was a model in New York;

Vedra began her life in the music videos, as a cover girl, and worked as a fashion designer for advertisements and films.

She made several film and television tournaments, most notably Star of Fear, in front of the late star Ahmed Zaki and Egyptian director Dawood Abdel-Sadeed, and "Afariat Al-Sayala" with Ismail Abdel-Hafez, and Osama Anwar Okasha.

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