Egypt's Stock Exchange continues with a small increase in medium-sized sales t

Rana Mamdouh

An Egyptian stock chart continued to rise in the green on Wednesday, with support from overseas exports.

The EGX30 index, which was measured slightly by 0.06% for trade, rose at 15097 points.

The International Commercial Bank (CIB), the largest share, received 0.18% for trade at EGP73.76.

The EGX70 0.1% index has risen and the wider EGX100 record gets 0.09%.

In the Egypt Stock Exchange, proportions of 135 companies were traded, and 59 of these grew against 30, but the market price of 46 divisions had not changed.

The total value of trade is 267.036 million pounds through 6013 conversations.

International owners were liable to buy and register a net value of 5.476 million pounds, and 4.686 million pounds of premises and 789.923 miles to individuals.

The superficial sale of Arab conversations with the net profit of EGP 1.633 million was dominated by the sale, led by establishments with a net sales of EGP 6.081 million, compared to net purchase EGP 4.447 million people.

Egypt recorded net sales of 3.842 million pounds, pressure from the institutions sold barely 4.644 million pounds compared to net purchase of 801.726 miles.

Al Nozha International Hospital was the main benefit of 3.44%, followed by Arab Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries with 3.22%, followed by Weaving & Weaving Polvara (3.01%).

On the other hand, the Printing & Packing Al-Ahram were the largest losers at 9%, followed by Aluminum Aluminum with 2.64%, and then the Egyptian Kuwait 2.58 denial. %.

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