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Court "Cup" Honest Crescent in the case of Georgios Samaras

He wore the jersey of the first football team Hilal about five months ago West Bromwich Albion.

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The reports of Saudi Press revealed the failure of Al Hilal in the case presented by the former Greek player Georgios Samaras.

According to the newspaper "sports", Al Hilal won the case raised by the Greek international player, who demanded to obtain the rest of his shares as described.

Georgios Samaras, who wore the jersey of the first Red Crescent soccer team for about five months in West Bromwich Albion, in February 2015.

The International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) admitted that the Greek player was not eligible for his claim, which he filed in his lawsuit, for an amount of around five million rials.

The reports concluded that the reason for the player's lack of judgment was due to the expiration of the legal period in which he was allowed to submit the claim after the departure of the club.

Samaras when he arrived at Al Hilal did not provide the performance expected of him in the team's attack, and appeared at a disappointing level, forcing the administration to relinquish the player.

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