Carlos Ghosn confirms that he is innocent and bother the Nissan "officials" to "ambush"

A French-Brazilian businessman, Carlos Ghosn, said he was innocent and accused Nissan's officers of "betrayal" and "dirty game" in video tape sent by his lawyers yesterday. before it was launched on 4 April. Defending chief agent, Junichiro Hironaka, announced his intention to petition the High Court today for the publication of Ghosn.

"This is not a story about an enemy and a person's dictatorship, it's a story about conspiracy and gesture," said an old English speaker Renault-Nissan. The company's names were removed from Ghosn's request at his request. “I am innocent, this is my first letter, this is not new, you have heard before: I am innocent of the allegations that I face,” he said.

He said he was suffering from a conspiracy, which he said several times during interviews. "Players in April played games game … it was feared that Nissan's devolution would be in danger of the next stage of his fellowship," he said. "It has always been a strong defender of this independence," he said.

Ghosn ran before he stopped with his surprise on November 19, 2018 in Tokyo, including the worldwide car association, such as Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

After a billion billion (nine million dollars) was sent, a trust was launched in early March, the automaker stopped again at a house in Tokyo. Gosn, 65, has been to a conservation site in the north of the Japanese capital since Thursday, where he spent more than 100 days.

At this time the accused are accused of making financial movements from Nissan to the de facto control company through a Japanese car trader. A well near the file said that the money had been moved to Oman. Of the $ 15 million moved, five million were lost, the procurator fiscal's office said in a statement. “The person suspected of his duties (as chairman of Nissan) is now betrayed to take advantage of them personally,” he said.

Golos has three significant prices: two for an accurate salary statement for the year 2010-2018 in documents issued by Nissan to the financial authorities and another to take advantage of a trust. It is particularly accused that it is trying to compensate for the compensation of personal investments through the company's economic crisis in 2008.

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