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Learning to live a gluten-free life

My introduction to celiac disease occurred when a friend kindly refused an invitation to my son's birthday party. After a little test, she opened up to tell me what's wrong with her son every day.

This was 15 years ago, but the reading of Jeeva Anna George A gluten-free life: My Celiac Story written together with Sheila Kumar, brought back vivid memories of her struggle. Even more so because the conversational conversational style of the book took me to the days when my friend cried and rebelled against fate, people and everything responsible for taking her son to a life where most of the food, especially in celebration They had wheat. [19659002] Kumar admits that this was a conscious decision. "This is Jeeva talking with people allergic to gluten who struggle to hack it and share their nuggets of wisdom that cost them so much to win."

He asked George to leave his experiences "in any way, as a stream of consciousness as she wanted." After which, I arranged the flow, both chronological and stylistic. I was very aware that it is Jeeva's story and my role is to express it in the most coherent, coherent and empathetic way possible. "

Chapter titles tell you more or less what you will find: when you hit, reading labels Traveling gluten free Living celiac life The cross-contamination section was a revelation It gave me some tips for a cleaner kitchen too There's, of course, a lot about food, what to look for, what you can eat safely, and recipes, all of which are interspersed with fragments of life lessons and lessons learned

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<p>  Sample: "One of the first things that a person intolerant to gluten loose is spontaneity, plan as a demon, plan your day, your meals and your outstation trips." Let planning become second nature to you ". </p>
<p>  Although the book will surely interest George's other patients, a lay reader also gets a lot of information. George talks about how celebrity endorsements to diets and the many food fads have led to misinformation and misunderstandings about celiac disease. </p>
<p>  One problem is the diagnosis </p>
<p>  "Since the symptoms are varied, it is difficult to know what you are eating that is causing problems," says George. "Some people lose weight, some have skin problems, some have headaches or just swelling, so you end up going to the wrong doctor or specialist, but if you have symptoms like diarrhea and it does not go away, then see a Good gastroenterologist guarantees a correct diagnosis, gastroenterologists are aware of the varied symptoms and, in general, there is now more awareness. " If you are not sure what to do for a child, there are pediatric gastroenterologists with whom your child specialist should be able to help you. Because they are seeing the problem more and more, they are also investigating it and identifying it faster. </p>
<p>  And that definitely makes her happy. In the last 10-12 years, those diagnosed took the initiative to disseminate information. The increased interest in alternative foods and general well-being has also helped. But, he says, "I would like people to know more about celiac disease than about gluten-free foods, because the latter is labeled a fad diet." The other aspect is the reaction to refuse food in India. People are offended when you reject something, George says, so it's even more important to inform people about the condition. </p>
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  Gluten-free date cake by Jeeva

Jeeva gluten-free date cake

After the diagnosis, George went into a frenzy of reading labels, discovering what he could eat and trying out recipes. In 2013, she decided to share her findings with other victims and launched her company Jeeva: Initiatives, Bakes and Guides, through which she sells baked goods and offers help to people.

Ask about the ups and downs of the past five years and she says: "The highs definitely have to be the excellent comments of my clients, especially those who buy my things because they like it and not because of diet restrictions. also be able to make products to serve people who can not have gluten, eggs, dairy products and nuts without compromising the taste.The knowledge that I have acquired over the years about diseases such as autism and other diseases has been huge, thanks to a varied client base, winning the Anthah Prerana Award from The Indus Entrepreneurs was also a great feeling. "

While it has the" typical "minimums of any company, such as the support staff that is absent without permission and logistical problems, also has problems with your health. Often, "customers generally expect gluten-free products to taste the same as normal products." Sometimes, texture and taste are hard to imitate, and those are the times when I've wanted people to know the number of hours and effort that has been devoted to the improvement of some of my recipes. "

  A gluten-free life: my celiac Story Jeeva Anna George with Sheila Kumar

A gluten-free life: my celiac history Jeeva Anna George with Sheila Kumar

For example, it took him two years to perfect gluten-free bread. George says he "trusted the memory of how things tasted before eating gluten-free." Baking gluten-free bread is very different from making regular breads. There is no dough to knead; It's more like dealing with thick pastry dough. My first five attempts were so bad, I discarded them. It was a kind of experience of tears of blood and sweat. Slowly, I began to obtain the correct proportions and, with each attempt, the bread began to taste better. It took me at least 20 recipe tests to come up with the bread recipe that I shared in the book "

In his book, George offers pancake recipes, appams pizza, pasta, sweet cake, muffins , brownies, bags of momo, cookies and more … All gluten-free.

For Kumar, the main conclusion of this project was that "the more you train with knowledge, strategy and determination, the easier it will be to face the more difficult setback. "Something that George supports with" take control of the situation and empower yourself with the information. "

Amaranth (Ramdana) Flatbread

Servings: 6


100 g of amaranth flour [19659002] 1.5 tablespoons Pumpkin seeds, ground

1.5 tablespoons Sunflower seeds, ground

1 or 2 sprigs Cilantro and mint leaves

400 ml Olive oil

200 ml Water

A pinch of salt [19659002] Method

Put the flour, ground seeds, leaves and salt in a bowl, make a well in the middle and pour the oil in. Slowly, pour the water, mix with a whisk until it has a thick paste. Heat a pan until very hot, brush the pan with oil and pour about 100 ml of the mixture in. It should be like a thick pancake.

Lower the heat slightly and let the flatbread brown before bending and brown the other side, lift the flat bread

You can eat it with sauce like roti [194] 59006] or cut it into slices like bread.

One of the best things about this flatbread is that it can be kept in the freezer for a week or two. Make a batch and freeze it. Whenever you have little time, it will be useful as a tasty healthy snack.


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