Leaker: ‘iPhone 12 Mini’ and iPhone 12 storage capacity starts at 64GB, Pro model 128GB

Rumors suggest that Apple’s iPhone 12 launch event will be held on October 13, with more affordable 5.4 and 6.1-inch devices set to ship ahead of more expensive 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch Pro devices, and this morning Hit-and-miss leaker John Prosser has extended that date by providing alleged details on the first shipment of Apple’s 12P units final shipment.

Prosser The claims The initial shipment of the 12iPhone 12h units will go to distributors on October 5 before the launch event, and will include the 5.4-inch 12iPhone 12 “Mini” – which he says is “definitely the last marketing name” – and the lower end is 6.1-. The inch i phone is a model 12. The prosecutor claims that two high-end Pro models will be announced in the same event, but will ship later in November.
The processor also claims that more affordable models will come in 64, 128 and 256GB storage capacities, which clashes with a claim made in May that Apple’s honeiPhone 12h lineup will debut with 128GB of storage. Prosser’s Explanation For earlier misinformation it was given that “well even before [production validation test] The IniPhone 12h Units debuted, “and in fact it’s only the 12iPhone 12h Pro and the iPhone 12h Pro Max that will start at 128GB.

By changing its claims about storage capacity, the processor associated itself with the proven leaker L0vetodream, Who said in early May that more affordable 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch devices will start at 64GB while Pro devices will start at 128GB.

Talking about Apple’s plans, the processor is a leaker with a mixed track record. In August 2020, he claimed that the new Apple Watch and iPad models would be introduced through a press release. In September 2020, Prosser reduced the day of these press releases to Tuesday, September 8, but no products were announced that day. Instead, Apple sent an invitation to its “Time Flies” event, where it introduced the new Apple Watch and weekiPadh models a week later.
Earlier this month, however, the processor was right when he said The eighth-generation ‌iPad and a lower-priced Apple Watch model will be unveiled at Apple’s “Time Flies” event, but there are no new iPhones or AirPods Studio headphones.


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