Leaked Capcom Documents ‘Resident Evil 4’ VR coming on Oculus Headsets – Road to VR

The data allegedly obtained from Capcom in a recent hack suggests that it has a VR version Resident devil 4 Oculus is coming to the headset next year.

Reported by Pc gamer, Capcom’s network was disbanded on November 2 as part of a ransomware attack that allegedly saw a public release of 1TB of internal data.

Capcom confirmed the leaks in a press release, stating that a hacker group called Ragnar Locker destroyed and encrypted data on its servers in an attempt to extort money from the company.

All in all, Capcom says some customer and shareholder data were leaked, along with “some corporate information” including sales reports, financial information and development documents.

However, we have not questioned the leaked data Pc gamer This ensures that both the name and the alleged release date were included in a calendar for the VR version Resident devil 4 Reached in April 2021, for Oculus. It is uncertain which headset is indicated, as the data only allegedly refers to the ‘Oculus’ by name.

Considering the original game was first released on console in 2005 and then later remade in 2011, the Quest platform is a possible bet; Facebook has largely abandoned PC VR in the wake of its latest standalone VR headset Quest 2.

And although the release dates for these hot-ticket Capcom assets are still far enough to change, it points to more than one launch for a multi-dimensional strategy Domestic rogue Properties around the same time next year.

The data also suggest upcoming Resident evil village Will come in April 2021, with Domestic rogue Netflix series Endless darkness The following in May.

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