Le Baron James on Joe Burrows: ‘Special!’

LeBron James, a Cleveland Browns fan (or Dallas Cowboys fan? Hard to keep track of), can appreciate a good game from a Cincinnati Bengals quarterback.

After Joe Burrow, the first overall pick of this year’s draft, threw his first touchdown pass against the Brones on Thursday night, James tweeted about Burrow from deep in the NBA’s Orlando bubble.

It’s a very nice compliment when you consider that Burrow was a relative unknown about a year ago, making his season debut at LSU. NFL Network Telecast referred to James’s tweet, and Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Ackman had to agree.

“He’s right, the kid is special,” Ackman said on the broadcast.

Here pass that everyone was Gulzar, a perfect strike down the left for CJ Uzomah for 23 yards.

very good. Burrow will have a lot of passing scores in the future, and James will check them out when he is not trying to bring the Los Angeles Lakers to another title.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow threw his first NFL TD pass against Cleveland. (AP Photo / Ron Schwane)

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