Lawrence Fishburne will not appear in The Matrix 4 –

Lawrence Fishburne will not appear in The Matrix 4

The illustration for an article called Laurence Fishburne confirms that he was not invited to appear in i Matrix 4 / i Was not invited to appear in.

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In the months following production start Matrix 4, A name has been conspicuously absent from the casting report: Lawrence Fishburne. The actor, who played Morpheus in the original trilogy Confirmed New york magazine That he was not asked to reprise his role for the upcoming sequel. “No. I haven’t been invited,” Fishburne said. “Maybe this will cause me to write another play. I wish him well. I hope it’s great.” The brief nature of his answer was a This is not the only reason to cock the eyebrow; Fishburn’s comment about writing another play refers to an exchange that occurred in an earlier interview, when the actor revealed that he had replaced being replaced by Samuel L. Jackson Wrote a play after. Die with a vengeance– Who has speculated that Morpheus can guess Will Appearing in Matrix 4, But he will be a younger version of the character played by a different actor.

Mold The CVV-19 epidemic recently led to the creation of a sequel to director and co-writer Lana Wakowski in Berlin. Speaking with The Associated Press, Keanu Reeves seemed excited about returning to work and praised the crew’s ability to adapt to the new safety guidelines. Reeves, who is reprising the role of Neo opposite the trinity of Carrie-Anne Moss, said, “The film has some really thoughtful, effective protocols, and the rhythm of the filmmaking hasn’t really been affected or disrupted.” Matrix 4. The actor said that “businessmen are the best to show people around in difficult situations”: “We’re just sad, we know how to get stuff, we’re inventive, think on our feet, and together The kind of feeling of coming – as you know, ‘Let’s put on a show!’ ‘We will take some support, we will get some things, we are going to write!’ And that soul is definitely alive and well Mold


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