Lawmakers erupt after Jim Jordan throws tantrum during technical hearing

  • On Wednesday, CEOs of some of the largest US tech companies testified in front of lawmakers about allegations of contradictory violations, although many questions were off-topic.
  • US Rape Jim Jordan questioned Google CEO Sundar Pichai about allegations of anti-conservative bias in Google’s practices, and he interrupted a colleague after his time expired.
  • MPs slam Jordan for his disruptions. Remy. Jamie Ruskin yelled “Put on your mask!” Before the inquiry could continue.
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The lawmakers announced the US rape. Jim Jordan on Wednesday asked Google about the allegations of anti-constructive bias and held a hearing to disrupt a colleague.

At the hearing, lawmakers questioned CEOs of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple about allegations of antichromatic behavior. But Jordan and others used their time to ask about other concerns, including the moderation of political content.

Jordan told Google’s Sundar Pichai about whether the company would help Presidential candidate Joe Biden by defeating President Donald Trump in the presidential election.

After Jordan’s time ran out, the next lawmaker in the queue to ask questions, Rep. Mary Gay Schnallon, took a jab at Jordan and told technical officials to “draw your attention to antitrust law rather than fringe conspiracy theories.” Will do. “

As Jordan interrupts Scanlon, committee chairman David Cicillin and other MPs in the room Killed out in Ohio Congress. Remy. Jamie Ruskin repeatedly shouted “Put on your mask!” Resumed before questioning.

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