Lawmakers confused over the return of Pompeo, Germany

On Thursday, senators from both sides of the aisle questioned the Secretary of State Mike pompeoMichael (Mike) Richard Pompiohilikon Valley: House panel grills Tech CEO during much-awaited antitrust hearing to make TikTok code public because it’s against ‘misinformation’ House Intel panel expanded access to foreign disinfection evidence overnight. Defense: US to pull 11,900 troops from Germany | Troop reshuffle costs several billion dollars | Legalist Pan Drawdown Scheme | Trump says he has not discussed the alleged bounce with Putin. Trump administration imposes more sanctions on Syria Criticized the move to separate US troops from Germany, to isolate allied countries and weaken the United States in front of Russia and China.

On Wednesday, the Pentagon announced it would move forward President TrumpDonald John TrumpGarners approval ratings decline as Mount Gohmert in COVID-19 cases says he will take hydroxychloroquine as Governor of Virginia in COVID-19 treatment, Senator requests CDC assistance with coronary virus outbreak at immigrant detention facility We do.The first called for a move of about 12,000 American troops from Germany, with more than half likely to return to the US and the remainder stationed in Europe.

Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee expressed concern with Pompeo over the decision.

Sen Mitt RomneyWillard (Mitt) Mitt Romnigop hunted for ‘Plan B’ as Coronovirus’s conversation hits the wall Defense: America to pull 11,900 troops from Germany. Troop reshuffle costs several billion dollars | Legalist Pan Drawdown Scheme | Trump says he has not discussed the alleged rewards of Putin lawmakers with the torch. Trump plans to pull 11,900 soldiers from Germany (R-Utah) said he spoke to the highest levels of the German government, who expressed that they considered it “an insult to Germany” that the US would take troops out of the country.

“We can’t imagine at a time when we need to draw in our friends and colleagues so that we can collectively face China, that we want to insult them,” he told Pompeo.

Romney is one of Trump’s most outspoken Republican critics and made the initial announcement to remove a “grave error” and “a slap in the face” for allying the US to confront China and Russia.

Sen Jane ShaheenCynthia (Jenny) Jean Shaheen The Money: Meadows says she struggles to get a profit deal to end the negotiator. Trump pitched short-term treaty. The Fed has maintained rates near zero as the economy is facing more than coronovirus Hill’s coronovirus report: Rep. Fred Upton says it is ‘tragic’ for Americans to dismiss masked, social disturbances; Russia claims it will approve COVID-19 vaccine by mid-August Hill’s 12:30 report – submitted by Facebook – top technical officer testifies more at blockbuster antitrust hearing (DN.H.), who is also a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, pressured the Secretary to consider the separation of Germany and threatened America’s ability to stop Russia.

“I don’t understand, the effect of isolating Germany diplomatically was Which is the largest and wealthiest country in the European Union, has been a historical, strategic partner Was this also taken into consideration? “Shaheen said.

The secretary pushed back that Germany was no longer a front-line country and said that the US consulted with NATO on the decision to return the troops.

“I am confident that our mission to stop Russia, NATO’s mission to stop Russia, we are still fully capable of executing it,” said the secretary.

Still Sen. Rob PortmanRobert (Rob) Jones Portmanesnet report states that Russian oligarchs are facing US sanctions through big-ticket art purchases. Twitter Search Subscription Service | Bill will give DHS Cyber ​​Agency subpoena Power Sainte-Pass Defense spending bill included in clause DHS Cyber ​​Agency giving sub-power Power More (R-Ohio), expressing concern about the expectation of 6,400 US troops returning to the US, saying they supported the decision to move troops from Germany.

“I think it’s a good idea to move troops from Germany, if they live in Europe,” he said, and called for troops to be stationed in Poland, the Baltic states and Eastern Europe.

“I believe that Germany does not have the right place for all the soldiers we have; Instead, it should be closer to where the action is now and clearly in most at-risk countries, ”he said.

Pompeo said the US had not yet completed a defense cooperation agreement with Poland and postponed the Department of Defense where those troops would be reorganized.

Trump announced last month that he was eager to sign a defense cooperation agreement with the Polish president during his visit to the White House.


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