Law applies when unrest spreads after Election Day

Federal law enforcement agencies are facing potential unrest over the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, following a season of highly divisive presidential campaigns.

The National Security Integration Center (NSIC), a key national security and counter-terrorism component within the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), warned in a planned email inside the Beltway late last week, in the text of an email obtained by The Hill accordingly. .

“From November 4 to 7, there is a plan for a civil unrest in the entire city of Washington DC. Le Intelligence agencies have monitored several messages on protesters’ social media sites saying, “If you want to come to Washington DC on November 4,” one bullet in the email reads.

The worst the officers are preparing for in a signature is a “non-scalable” fence The protests must turn violent around the White House to create a buffer before Election Day. And businesses in DC and various American cities are mounting their windows to help protect shoppers from the risk of looting and vandalism.

Never mind, there is an increasing likelihood of violence between supporters of both presidential candidates.

Pro-Trump protesters conducted traffic in New Jersey and New York over the weekend, while another group of Trump supporters surrounded a Biden campaign bus in Texas. There were also clashes in New York City between people who supported and opposed the president.

Over the weekend, three people were shot in Topeka, Kansas, amid confrontations over individuals stealing political signs supporting Trump and local Republicans, The Topeka Capital-Journal reported. The newspaper says that the police will not reveal who thought who would be fired.

President TrumpDonald John Trumpgood has allowed the Trump police panel to publish the report, but with Lady Gaga’s rejection at the Biden rally: Trump ‘believes his fame gives him the right to usurp women’ Pelosi says Is that the President is ready to decide the election if the election results are disputed Has repeatedly assimilated mail-in ballots as causing widespread voter fraud – in terms of proving this despite a lack of evidence – while warning his supporters to try to reduce the fairness of the election This will be a “rigged” election.

He has also refused to agree to a peaceful change of power, while failing to condemn groups such as the Proud Boys, a far-flung group that has embraced political violence.

And amid an unprecedented number of Americans voting by mail this year, after states expanded their options for early voting due to an epidemic, there is also the possibility that the presidential winner will not be declared on election night May, whose political observers are afraid that tensions will end with more days to pass.

DC leaders are promising that they are working to ensure safety in the city, especially if there is a delay in counting and processing of ballots under different state deadlines.

DC Mayor says, “We all look forward to counting, no matter how late Muril boserMuriel Bouserpelosi marks number of US Coronavirus deaths at ceremony: ‘It’s almost incomprehensible’ Trump changes election night plans, cancels party at Trump International: report night party during Trump’s campaign Announced the election of. A news conference on Thursday stated that they are “preparing to ensure the safety of the city.”

Bauser also encouraged peace and patience as the nation waited for the election results to roll in, while acknowledging that “some would like to cause mayhem or trouble.”

Fear of political violence comes during an election year defined by a devastating epidemic and racial justice protest Intermittently Nationwide for months. And DC is just one of many American cities, where protests may spread to violence.

According to reports, Terrence Monahan, head of the department at the New York Police, said, “There is no secret that this election is more controversial than in previous years.”

The American public also appears to expect violence on some level.

Majority voters – about 75 percent – say they are concerned about the possibility of violence on election day and later 36 percent say they are “very worried” and 39 percent said they are “somewhat concerned,” “According to a survey USA Today / Safolk University released on Thursday. Of those who described themselves as anxious, 40 percent identified themselves as Democrats and about 36 percent identified themselves as Republicans.

The world is also watching how events unfold in America.

Australia’s State Department and trade are warning Australians against a visit to the US over possible violence as a result of elections.

Although the advisory was effective as a result of the ongoing health risk of COVID-19, Australia recently edited a warning to include a potential risk of violence in the US.

“Protests and protests continue in many American cities,” the warning reads. “Avoid areas where protests are taking place due to the potential possibility of violence.”


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