Laura Jalali wants to date Geoffrey Pascal, feeling bad that she is the ‘judge’ for domestic assault charges.

Laura appeared in the first season of Jolly 90 de Fiancee: The Other Way. She married Aladdin Jalli in July 2018, and after the season 2019, the couple split in October. Today, they are officially divorced. In an interview on October 21, Laura revealed who among the following 90 days fiance The franchise now sees her as a single woman.

Geoffrey Pascal | TLC

Laura Jalali wants to date Geoffrey Pascal from ’90 Days Before: 90 Days’

In an interview with Domnik Nati, Laura was asked who is 90 days fiance The franchise would like to date him.

“Definitely Geoffrey [Paschel] Physique, ”he replied. “I really like his personality. I think he is very outgoing. He is like me, he feels madness. And she is cute, she is beautiful. And I’m Ukrainian, so I know how Russian food, Geoffrey, is made. I can make a cabbage role, piogi, borscht. Hello! I am Irish so I like to drink, but I am also Ukrainian so I like to cook. ”

Laura Jalali realizes[s] The bad guys are judging ‘Geoffrey Pascal’ for his domestic assault charges

Natty also asks Laura how she feels about Geoffrey’s “legal troubles” and if reality stars ever speak.

“I feel bad for him,” he said. “We talk. Not as much as we used to. We used to talk a lot. But, yes, I feel bad for Geoff because, unfortunately, he is happening in a very pre-determined way very quickly. Like, before you judge a judge, just let the court system do its work. Like, just chill it. ”

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Laura said that she realizes that she is Geoffrey “a very decent man” who is “based on the things I see in him.”

“He’s got a great heart,” he said. “And oh my God, he loves his children, which is very attractive about a man to a woman. When you see how much they care for their children. And, I mean, he has custody of his two children. So that man cannot be evil. I think this is a real man who detains his children and raises them. It is a real masculine thing and too attractive for a woman to see someone who is responsible. ”

Geoffrey Pascal was arrested for domestic assault

When Pachel was interviewed by Natty in May, he spoke of his arrest.

“When I was first arrested in June, it was for domestic assault, which is bad in itself, but it is a wrongdoing.” “He tried to leave the Chargers but ‘suffer’ [he said using air quotes] Did not want to leave it. He pressed forward. They did not punish me, even if it was on my record. I said no. no at all.’ He said, ‘If you don’t take it, we’ll take you to a grand jury, try to crack the charges, we’ll try to bring you up on kidnapping …’ I was like, ‘Whatever you Do hell you want to do I am not accepting anything but complete amazement. So that’s what they did. ”

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During its season of 90 Days Fiancee: Before 90 Days, Fans found Geoffrey had been charged with domestic assault, among other things from his past. So they started a petition to have him removed from the show. As a result, he was unleashed by everyone from the season.

“I think the network has bowed to the pressure of a few thousand people as opposed to the 3 million people who watch the show, which is unfortunate,” he said of the network’s decision. “We are in a different time now. The entire Me Too movement and whatever. Therefore, there is a lot of pressure to put pressure on the minorities. ”

Geoffrey has since appeared in court but little has been said about what happened.

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