Laura Ingraham slams leftists for ‘harassing the race’ over Boulder shooting, warns against gun control

“The media, blue Twitter checks and a variety of leftist hacks couldn’t help but draw conclusions” about Monday’s mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, even though little information was available about the suspect, the host of Fox News, Laura Ingraham.

Most notably, said the host of “The Ingraham Angle,” Vice President Kamala Harris’ adult niece, Meena, made the “disgusting” claim in a now-deleted tweet that read “violent [W]White men are the biggest terrorist threat to our country. “

“Each of those people chose to inflame an already horrible situation with the kind of racial harassment that sadly many Americans have become accustomed to,” Ingraham said in response, before replaying a montage of the mainstream media leaping to the ground. conclusion that the video of the arrest of the suspect Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa showed that he was white.

“[Alissa] apparently he disliked President Trump, referring to him as ‘the D word’ for his handling of immigration refugees, “he said.” A former high school teammate told the Denver Post that Alissa had an explosive temper, saying she screamed in the wrestling room that she was going to kill everyone. My question: Why didn’t anyone report it? “


Ingraham posited that Alissa was “trained” from an early age to “feign victimization” to get what she wanted.

“The left likes to use the phrase ‘angry white man’ to denigrate millions of American men, whether they committed crimes or not,” he said. “We don’t hear ‘angry Middle Eastern man’ today.”

Instead, the presenter noted, the president’s controllers “dragged Biden into the camera to push for immediate gun control.”

“You’ll hear a lot over the next several weeks, the phrase ‘common sense gun laws.’ Democrats want you to think they really care about violence in America and saving lives,” he said. “We know the real truth. The fact is, their real priority is to take away arms from law-abiding Americans, not to stop future violence.”

“If they were so concerned about violence, they would demand more, not less immigration control when illegal immigrants are released to the United States without control. We have no idea what their real origin is. In some cases they are going to steal, murder and rape. “

“If Democrats were concerned about the violence, they would have demanded last summer that Antifa be labeled a domestic terrorist group.”

Ingraham also criticized Republicans in Congress for their routinely tame response to Democrats’ use of taxpayer money to attack political opponents.


“The final inconvenient truth is that our government doesn’t like many of us. They think about half of America is racist, maybe more. [and] that our movement must be severely restricted, “he said.

“They investigated our National Guard and the military for extremism when some veterans showed up on Capitol Hill on January 6, but these same Democrats drew no conclusions and took no meaningful action on the crime committed by their own supporters or special interests.” .

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