“You can’t do the job simpler” Young Covid-19 patients also seek help

“In practice, I often see the effects of sick Covid-19 on cardiovascular health,” Zabere said.

As reported by the Association of Health Centers, with more and more information about Covid-19, it is clear that the disease can have quite unpleasant consequences, including those that indicate cardiovascular problems.

As the cardiologist explains, any virus in the body looks for the weakest point; Although SARS-CoV-2 primarily targets the lungs, the damage can also affect the heart.

According to Zaber, whether heart problems will definitely start after a sick Covid-19 depends on many factors, such as the specific human body or the severity of the infection.

“It is currently difficult to predict whether the symptoms caused by the disease will have long-term consequences. However, if the virus causes myocarditis or a heart attack, there is concern that heart failure will develop in the future,” the doctor noted.

The cardiologist indicated that the effects of the virus on heart health and the development of relevant symptoms can be both direct and indirect. “A direct effect is observed when the virus has damaged the inner layer of the wall of the blood vessels or the endothelium and these damages cause alterations in the cardiovascular system, the coagulation system,” said Zaber, adding that Covid- 19 is characterized by the formation of blood clots in the lungs. Cause of stroke, angina or heart attack.

On the contrary, if the virus has affected the heart muscle, causing myocarditis, it increases the heart rate, fatigue, sometimes low blood pressure or fever.

According to the doctor, the indirect effect occurs through the sympathetic nervous system and is associated with stress, ignorance, fear, psycho-emotional tension or even depression that a person experiences during illness.

“All of the above causes tachycardia or tachycardia.

Also, feeling stress can not only speed up your heartbeat, it can also increase your blood pressure and even your arrhythmia. So in the case of the indirect effects of the disease, the cardiac symptoms are not due directly to the virus, but to the situation in which the person finds himself, “Saabe said.

Inga Krupnova, head of the Department of Intensive Care and Resuscitation at the Latvian Center for Infectious Diseases and a specialist in resuscitation, previously told the media that long-term complications from Covid-19 can occur not only in patients at risk, but also in patients. mild and young patients.

He explained that the main problems that stood out were prolonged fatigue, as well as shortness of breath or shortness of breath in patients who had pneumonia during Covid-19 disease.

Long-term effects also include joint pain, headaches, as well as muscle pain and changes in taste and smell. “These problems tend to persist for a few months after getting sick,” added the doctor.

Covid-19 patients can also experience memory and concentration problems after illness.

“People cannot do the simpler things that they are used to on a daily basis. They cannot concentrate on their daily tasks, such as washing dishes,” Krupnova said.

People can also develop skin problems and even hair loss after getting sick.

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