VIDEO The security guard of the collapsed Maxima will reveal previously unheard facts to the court

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After repeated unsuccessful attempts, the Maxima Tragic Tribune, which collapsed in Zolitūde, finally managed to get the store's oldest guard Igora Vitol's testimony. He repeatedly stressed in court that the right to decide on the evacuation of people was solely for the management of the shop. The leader of the prosecution, Maksimas, recognizes the importance of responding, emphasizing – during the hearing, facts that did not appear in the Vitol testimony obtained during the pre-trial investigation, the LTV broadcast "Panorama" reported.

Vītols also points out to the court that upon signing the work, Instructions. However, at the beginning of the work, practical skills were provided by another guard. After Vaill's detailed testimony he has been hearing a video conference in court, a break has been announced for several weeks.

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