Usmas sv. Peter’s Congregation Doesn’t Want to Change Pastors, But LELB Won’t Give Up, LTV Reports

The congregation of St. Peter in Usma in the parish of Renda does not want to change the current interim pastor of the congregation, Agrita Staško, who must take a well-deserved break at the age of 70. Hans Martins Jensons, bishop of Liepāja of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church (LELB), says Staško will be able to continue working as an evangelist, the Latvian television program “Dienas žinios” reported on Thursday.

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However, this does not guarantee that you can be in their services together with the Church of San Pedro in Usma.

The LELB stipulates that the parish priest is emeritus after reaching 70 years of age, that is, the cleric must retire. Just before Christmas, it was reported that Staško, who had been serving in the church for almost 18 years, had to retire.

That message has greatly disappointed the church. They believe that they had to speak at least six months in advance to prepare the church. In addition, the congregation wants to continue cooperating with its pastor, LTV reports. Staško himself has said that he would like to continue serving in this church.

The program reports that currently women are not ordained pastors in Latvia, therefore Staško is the interim pastor.

With a request to extend Staško’s service, the congregation has twice written to the responsible LELB officials. In the letters, the wish is based on the fact that Agrita Staško has been the heart of the congregation and the church since 2003, when the church was restored from the ruins.

The bishop of Liepāja, LELB, has pointed out that the specific situation will not be one in which deviations from the rules will be allowed, since the substitution of pastors is ensured.

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