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Unfinished happy ending serial "Awesome Face"

On Thursday, May 17th, his latest series was featured in the domestic series "A Stranger's Face", which came to viewers last September. Although the first episode of the series began with shots and intrigues, its conclusion is quite happy – with a thriller.

The "External Face" home screening series hit its premiere on September 18, 2017, and initially the story of plastic surgery and dirty business, the real truth in the family, as well as love and hope, was blurred in the center of the series's storyline line. On the other hand, the second season started its way towards the audience with big handcuffs in the main message of the series, focusing on the relationship between the main characters, emphasizing love and family values, as well as humor, while leaving the criminal story line in the second plan.

Actors such as Iveta Pole, Egil Melbardi, Darta Daneviča, Kaspars Dumburs, Zigurd Neimanis and others participated in the series.

According to TV3 representatives, on May 17 the "Foreign Face" series will be closed. Instead, the team has begun working on a new concept of the daily serial and emphasizes that it will be very demanding in terms of the quality of the new series.

"We will create new series, following the world tendencies and the wishes of Latvian spectators – we will search for a relevant and up-to-date story, continue to attract home-made favorite actors and movie trailers, not in the studio, but in the real environment. We believe that we will create a series that will captivate and not leave indifferent our demanding audience, "emphasizes All Media Baltics leader in Latvia Baiba Zuzena.


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